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Lamina Pets, LLC has an overall mission to help support and donate to humane societies for pets, rescue centers and to provide a platform for pet and animal lovers to share information that will help keep their pets and animals healthy and happy.  Through the use of our website, LaminaPets.com, it is our goal to maintain a website designed to give pet lovers a trusted online community and the opportunity to enjoy and share a plethora of meaningful information and moments of importance as it pertains to their beloved pets.


In order to be a member and reap the benefits of our pet membership, you must have a picture of a PET and create a profile statement that lets users know a little something about your pet! If members do not include a picture of their PET, any uploaded information that they have posted to our website will be removed within 72 hours!

Welcome to the ONLY site where you’ll find loads of factual, historic details about our most common pets… dogs and cats.

Plus here you’ll find an animal dictionary and state-by-state listing of companies who operate animal-related businesses.

We welcome you to LaminaPets.com… lamina is ANIMAL spelled backwards, you know? 🙂

We’re here to support you, love your pet and build a family-style community of pet-lovers like you and I.  With our membership, you’ll find what you need through everything from our Member Pet Gallery to our Pet Classifieds for Lost and Found Pets. Remember, we’re here to work for you!
So, why not join the club? It’s free!
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