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FEATURED PETS… Here in our Member Pet Gallery

Interested in showing off your pet online to your friends and family?  It’s easy to have your pet featured here… Alls you’ve gotta’ do is Join the PetsRock! Club for free!

Once you join, you’ll be able to upload you own pictures and gain exclusive access to discounts and coupons… Plus you’ll be eligible to win in our monthly giveaway!


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 These lovely doggies belong to T. Deanes!

#LaminaPetsPictures on Facebook

 “Yes. I said yes, I do belong to the beautiful Tina W.”

#LaminaPetsPictures on Facebook

Please hurry up already. I just want to go home.

#LaminaPetsPictures on Facebook

Henry the Snake!

#LaminaPetsPictures on Facebook

Yes… I made it to be the first kitty on… I am better than you dogs!

#LaminaPetsPictures on Facebook

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